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If you are used to Western Europe and North America, you will find Bosnia and Herzegovina surprisingly inexpensive. Food, going out, transport: it all costs very little and the prices get even lower when you leave the urban centres.

Most food in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of high quality and very affordable. A fine meal in a good restaurant will cost some 10-15 euro, including modestly priced beverages. If you have much less to spend it is possible to have a 3 KM meal with pies and yoghurt or to get affordable food from any of the many supermarkets. Going out is possible whatever your budget. Transport between cities is very reasonably priced. Mostar to Sarajevo will cost you between 10 and 18 KM, for example. Within town, buses are always cheap, but taxi prices depend on the town you're in.

Accommodation is a little more expensive then in the main cities. Most hotels will not accommodate you for less than 35 euro per night in a single, or less than 38 euro in a double. In smaller towns, you can find hotel/motel accommodation for 25 euro. If you are a budget traveler you should pay anything between 15 and 25 KM per night for a bed in a private house. For low budget travelers Bosnia and Herzegovina should not cost you more than 40 KM (20 euro) per day. For hikers and adventure-seekers, day trips cost between 25 and 75 KM. A weekend trip with food, guide, transport and accommodation will cost around 150-200 KM.

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