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Bosnia and Herzegovina has begun major construction on the C5 corridor that will link BiH with major motorway routes to the Croatian coast to the south and Budapest to the North.

Road conditions have drastically improved in the past year making driving throughout BiH a safer and more pleasant experience. The road system in BiH tends to be rather curvy as many of the main motorways are constructed through mountain valleys. Although you may not be able to travel by car at the speed of other European destinations, driving from town to town in Bosnia and Herzegovina is as pleasant as driving gets.

There is lots of beautiful scenery, the roads tend to be quiet, and there are plenty of quality places to stop for a drink or a meal. Some of the country's best restaurants are right next to a major road. There is little chance of running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere as there are many petrol stations along all major routes. Equally comforting is the number of garages. For relatively little money, the 'automehanicar' will make repairs and the 'vulkanizer' will fix your flat tire.

We do offer a few warnings whilst traveling by car in BiH:

Take a good map with you. Road signs in some areas are frequent and accurate but they may suddenly be gone altogether.

Road signs in the Republika Srpska are mostly in Cyrillic.

First-hand and second-hand spare parts for German-made cars are widely available. For other cars, spare parts may be a little more difficult to find.

The law stipulates that you always have to carry a spare tyre, a jack, an extra headlight bulb, a first-aid kit, a tow rope and a hazard triangle. During a routine police check you may have to show that you do indeed have all that.

In the winter period, snow chains are vital.

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