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The state- of-the-art Sarajevo airport (www.sarajevo- airport.ba, 033 289 100) is located at the base of Mount Igman.

The airport is 12 km from the town centre. There are no shuttle buses but there is a bus line from the airport to Bezistan (Old Town) provided by the Public Transportation Company "Gras" (www.gras.com.ba). At various rates, the major hotels - and some of the smaller ones - offer airport pick-ups and drop-offs. Otherwise, taxis will take you to town for around 20 KM. In the cold months, early- morning flights may be delayed or cancelled as the area is sometimes covered with heavy fog until late morning or later. But usually this airport is a pleasure to arrive at and depart from.

You can change money at the airport exchange desk, rent a car from one of the car rental booths located in the arrival hall, and, in case you need to contact your hotel, buy a phone card at the post office.

The airport is open from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m.

There are daily direct flights to Munich, Istanbul, Belgrade and Zagreb.

And weekly to:
Vienna (every day except Tuesday)
Dubai (Monday, Friday and Saturday)
Ljubljana (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Cologne (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday)
Sharjah (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)
Zrich (Wednesday and Sunday)
Stockholm (Saturday)
Stuttgart (Saturday)
Geneva (Sunday)
Charleroi (Monday and Friday)

For flight schedules of other airports in the country check the following: Mostar (www.mostar-airport.ba), Tuzla (www.tuzla-airport.ba), and Banja Luka (www.banjaluka-airport.com).

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