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As shorter city breaks grow more popular for European travelers the list of new and exciting destinations grows shorter. Sarajevo airport is directly connected to Vienna, Zagreb, Milano, Franfurt, Munich, Budapest, Ljubljana, Istanbul and Prague.

Although there are no low-cost airlines yet flying to Sarajevo, we make up for it with high quality, low-cost accommodation and dining. If your looking for a new, quick getaway over an extended weekend, look no further.
Sarajevo is the fastest changing city in Europe. Embracing both its eastern and western traditions, Sarajevo will charm you with its oriental old town and bustling Austro-Hungarian center. With dozens of new hotels and a lively nightlife there is never a dull moment in this tiny capital city. Check out the year round festival schedule or just come to wander the tiny Ottoman quarters and indulge in a taste of the orient right in the heart of Europe. Visit Sarajevo, a city close to heart.

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