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Doboj is at a pivotal point on the rivers Usora and Bosna. It is one of those Bosnian towns where you can find mosques and Catholic and Orthodox churches close to each other.

It is also the town where the Rabbi for Bosnia and Herzegovina lives. Doboj's Jewish Cultural Centre, destroyed in the Second World War, was restored only recently. Although life here has been traced back to the Stone Age, the first recorded settlement was in the 1st century when the Romans conquered these territories and built the Kastrum and the small settlement of Kanube.

Kastrum is now the main fortress in the centre of the town and was enhanced by the Bosnian aristocracy and the Ottomans when they arrived in Doboj in the 16th century. Much of it is still intact and the view from the fortress's hilltop position is worth the climb. One of the attractive spots nearby is Mount Ozren, the mountain right next to Doboj. There are a few 13th century monasteries (St. Nicholas Monastery near Petrovo being the most interesting among them).

For more leisurely entertainment, there is the small, natural and very clean Eagle's Lake ('Orlovo Jezero'). If you want to swim and eat, you could go to Goransko Jezero , some 5 km from downtown Doboj. It is clean and surrounded by forests and it has a restaurant. These lakes now have to compete with Dzungla, a sophisticated swimming complex that opened a couple of years ago (address: Nikola Pasica bb). Doboj was one the most important railway knots in pre-war Yugoslavia, and it is still possible to take the train from here to Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Budapest and Sarajevo. It is a town you have to go through to get from Sarajevo to most places in the northeast.

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