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Wine Fest in Ljubuski (February)
The Festival of Wine, Ham and Cheese is held each February. Extraordinary local wines accompanied by traditional local dish attract many visitors.

Traditional Crafts Fair in Ljubuski (June)
The fair is held at the beginning of June and aims at preserving traditional local crafts.

Ljubusko silo in Ljubuski (July)
Ljubusko silo is held on the last week of each July. This is a very popular music and dance ethno event.

Dani kruha in Ljubuski (October)
Dani kruha (Days of Bread) is an annual event held in mid October. It is a thanksgiving event celebrating bread and other life blessings with song and dance. Money raised from products sold during the event is given to charities.

West Herzegovina Fest in Siroki Brijeg (August)
The Festival strives at promoting young film makers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Their works are the central part of the festival. For more information visit: www.whfest.com.

Mediterranean Film Festival in Siroki Brijeg (September)
Film Festival of documentary film takes place each September. It gathers amateur and professional film makers from the Mediterranean countries. For more information visit: www.mff.ba.

Seoska olimpijada Ilijino brdo in Posusje (July)
The event (Country Olympics) is held on 20th of July each year. Competitions in throwing a rock, tug of war, and other games are accompanied by traditional dance performed by local folklore groups. The main part of the event are bull fights and horse races.

Simicevi susreti in Drinovci, Grude (October-November)
Simicevi susreti is a literary event of gathering eminent poets, writers, and actors. The event is dedicated to Antun Simic who was born in Drinovci. In addition to Drinovci, the event is held in Grude, Siroki Brijeg and Mostar. In addition to the literary program, the event features exhibitions and theatre plays performed by amateur theatre groups.

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