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On foot

The compact city centre makes it easy and enjoyable to do most moving around on foot. Ferhadija is a famous pedestrian alley that goes through the heart of town and is always filled, day or night, with pedestrians of all ages.

By bus

The local bus system is the best in the country. Most inner city busses runs until midnight and will get you to even the most isolated villages on Bjelasnica. The 31e buses are the handiest of all. They run through the entire length of the city every half hour and cost 1.80 KM irrespective of the length of travel. Starting by the National Archives and finishing in Dobrinja by the airport, this is the quickest, cleanest and easiest bus route in town.


The trams constantly run along the main east-west road. There is also a tram station at the main bus/train station that operates all day and most of the night. The tram lines extend all the way to Ilidza, a suburb to the west of Sarajevo, and for budget travelers it is a great way to check out the Bosna River Springs and the park in Ilidza - it costs only 1.80KM one way or you can buy a day pass for 10KM (valid on all trams, buses and minibuses except for the 31e buses).


Taxis are quickest. They are easy to find and cheap, with a starting fare of 2KM and another 1,5KM for each additional kilometre. With a few exceptions a taxi ride to anywhere in Sarajevo shouldn't cost more than 20KM and for most trips you will spend less than 10KM. Waiting for an empty taxi will rarely take you more than a minute. Alternatively, 24-hour taxi stands are located all over town, or you can phone 1515.

By car

Exploring the city with your own car can be fun. Be aware that many of the road off the main streets were built in Ottoman times and many of them are rather narrow and steep. Driving through the main parts of town, however, the roads are good and well marked. Parking can be difficult at times, look for parking lots or garages fees range from 1-2 KM per hour.

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