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There are several trains that depart from Bihac's railway station (Bihackih Branilaca bb; tel: 037 311 149)

Bihac - Bosanski Novi - Sarajevo: not available during the winter season
Sarajevo - Bosanski Novi - Bihac: not available during the winter season
For more information contact the Bihac's railway station or Sarajevo's railway station by phone: + 387 33 655 330

Plitvice National Park
is just across the border and many tour buses and tourists come through the Izacic border crossing. By car, this is the best crossing from Croatia. From the southeast there is only one major road leading to Bihac - the Sarajevo-Travnik-Jajce route. You can't miss it on a map.
The Bihac bus station (Put avnoja bb, + 387 37 351 546) links all the cities and towns in the upper region of the Krajina. Buses go to Bosanski Petrovac, Bosanska Krupa, Sanski Most, Cazin, Buzim, Velika Kladusa and Kljuc several times a day. Bihac is a good five- to six-hour bus ride from Sarajevo and there are daily buses at 07:30, 13:30 and 22:00. Daily buses to Banja Luka depart at 05:30, 07:30, 13:00 and 15:00. There are also daily buses to Zagreb (04.45; 10:20; 14:00; 15:00; 16:45. A one-way ticket costs 23,60 KM).

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