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Even without the increasing number of tourists visiting BiH, the locals are more than familiar with guests from every country in Europe, North America and the Near & Middle East.

Local people will almost always be very friendly. This is common to the region but Bosnian hospitality is something special. Bosnians will go out of their way to assist you in finding something and often invite someone to their home for a coffee. Once you enter someone's home as a guest, expect the red carpet treatment. Rich or poor, your host will most certainly serve you coffee, followed by an offer of cigarettes. The unwritten rule is never to light up without offering the people around you a cigarette as well. More than likely the host will bring out sweets (biscuits or chocolate) and if the energy is right out comes the local spirits and food. Coming from the west, one might see it as going a bit overboard, but the tradition of treating guests like one of their own is taken seriously. Most young people will speak English, as it is taught in all the schools from an early age. American movies are popular here and many people have learned English from watching films.

In western Herzegovina and northern Bosnia many people speak German. Over 300,000 refugees lived in Germany during the warand many more lived and worked in Germany before the conflict began. For the most part, young people here don't want to speak about the war or politics. They would rather hear about new music, cool movies, good books or just shoot the breeze with you. The older generation often brings the war and politics into conversation. As a visitor you will see BiH has a very dynamic blend of all walks of life. Some women dress in more traditional styles or will be covered. That by no means makes them different or unapproachable.

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