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Kladanj is located on the Tuzla to Sarajevo road along the River Drinjaca, at the base of Konjuh Mountain. The settlement is a very small mountain community famous for a water source that is said to have special powers.

The story goes that Muska Voda (man's water) is supposed to increase a man's strength. The local version is that the water acts as a natural Viagra. That's why they built a mountain lodge, bungalows and walking paths near the source. The 16th-century Turkish travel writer Evlija Celebija described it as the fountain of youth.

Recent scientific research has concluded that this water has a positive effect on blood pressure and sugar concentration, increases water extraction and improves blood circulation. At 53 different locations in and around Kladanj, over 400 stecci have been discovered. Walking through the mountains you're bound to come across one of the many caves on or near Konjuh Mountain.

Among the largest caves are the Djevojacka and Bebrava caves. The Djevojacka Cave is a pre-Islamic sacred spot where the followers of the heretic Bosnian Church made pilgrimages. There's a good chance that in this area you will run across a black bear or see a grey eagle soaring above the rock faces.

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