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Arriving in Kraljeva Sutjeska feels like stepping through a time warp. As the industrial areas of Kakanj disappear as you near this tiny, ancient village with its large Franciscan church and monastery one will find well-kept houses, gardens in perfect shape and the reflection of the sun off the water is caused by the white stones and not a discarded can.

You'll find that many of the women, particularly the older ones, still dress in traditional attire. Most are farmers but you'll find the odd carpenter or shop owner hammering away or selling his wares as well. The Dusper House in the village is the oldest house in central Bosnia, dating back to the early 18th century. The house has been designated a protected national monument. The house can be visited and is an impressive example of authentic Bosnian architecture.

One of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated at the entrance of this village. It was built in a few days only, and has never required any maintenance since - or so the story goes. The mosque and its wooden minaret are open to visitors. Youll enjoy the (local language) accounts of its past, told proudly and with a twinkle in the eyes by the lady who maintains this beautiful little place of worship.

Kraljeva Sutjeska and the citadel at Bobovac were once the seat of two Bosnian kings, Tomas and Tvrtko, of the Kotromanic Dynasty. The last Bosnian queen, Saint Katarina, is mourned today by the local townswomen who still wear black scarves as part of the traditional dress. When the Ottomans conquered the fortress at Bobovac, Queen Katarina either fled or was exiled to Rome, never to return to Bosnia. It was reported that her children were taken to Istanbul, where her son converted to Islam and became a major figure in the Ottoman administration.

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