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Sending letters or postcards to an address abroad is a standard process and can only be done in the post office. Post offices can be found in every city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and most towns as well. Stamps need to be purchased at the post office as well. Packages are a bit more time-consuming but there are express services available at the post office as well as from DHL, FEDEX, and UPS.


Country code for Bosnia and Herzegovina: +387
For international calls from Bosnia and Herzegovina dial: + or 00 country code city code without the 0 - number. Phoning from hotels is often expensive. Check the prices before you chat away. Phone booths are a lot cheaper and you will find them at the post offices. The phones do not accept coins, only phone cards. Phone cards can be bought from the post office or at the small newspaper kiosks. Beware: different phone companies provide their services in different parts of the country and your phone cards may not be valid once you leave the town you bought them in. It is cheaper to phone after 19.00.

Mobile phones - The following three operators provide mobile telephone service in Sarajevo: BH Telecom (060, 061, 062), Eronet (063) and m:tel (065,066). If you are in isolated area, maybe you will have not a signal. Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a roaming agreement with the European operators, however the prices still remain significantly higher. American and Canadian mobile networks do not have roaming. Buying a local SIM card is recommended. It costs 5 KM (BAM) and includes a 3 KM credit. You can buy additional credit or SIM cards with credit on top up at all kiosks and post offices at price from 1 KM to 100 KM. You can also buy additional credit at most kiosks and supermarkets (you tell the cashier at the cash desk what credit amount you wish to buy and your telephone number and the credit will be automatically added to your number via payment terminal).


Bosnia and Herzegovina strives to follow the trends in IT and communications. Internet connections and wi-fi are available in most hotels and cafes. Wi-fi is available at all larger public square and institutions. Internet is affordable and offered in internet cafes at average price 1 KM per hour.

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