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Museum and Gallery of the Franciscan Monastery in Konjic displays a permanent exhibition of art works, sculptures, ethno collection and a collection of artefacts made in metal.

The Monastery was ruined in the 16th century when most of the artefacts and art works were destroyed, but it still owns the original sculpture of St. Katarina. Visits to the Monastery by appointment:

address: Omladinska 1
phone: +387 36 730 653

Museum of woodcarving Mulicev Rekord has nine rooms showing unique wooden furniture with magnificent carving shapes. The furniture is mainly done in cherry, walnut and maple wood. The museum is enlisted on the UNESCO list (cultural heritage). The museum is located in the lower storey of the Mulic family house, on 60 Varda Street, next to the Varda Mosque (Vardacka dzamija). More information about the company, their products and the museum can be obtained by phone: +387 61 28 54 59, 959 107 or web: www.drvorezbarstvo.com.

Titov bunker
Bunker ARK - Nuclear War Headquarters (military name "D-O"), located near Konjic, inside a hill, right under Zlatar mountain, was built by JNA (Yugoslav People's Army) on 6,500 m² area.

Located 280 meters underground bunker was built with aim to function, in case of (nuclear) war, as a Military Operations Center (Supreme Command Staff shelter) and a shelter for President Tito, his family and closest associates.

This facility, that reminds of labyrinth, with more than hundreed rooms and fully preserved inventory (that consists of numerous residential areas, conference rooms, offices and "presidential bloc"), was supposed to provide normal living conditions for 350 people for six months. Until 90's construction (which lasted 1953-1979, and for which 4,6 billion US dollars were invested) and the wary existance of this bunker were most strictly kept top military secret.

Address: The foothills Zlatar

Free entrance but only with prior announcement.

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