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The Pliva River Region is located in the north-central part of the Bosnia region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The region is dominated by major rivers such as the Pliva, Vrbas, and Janje.

For many hundreds of years this region was the ultimate stronghold of the Bosnian Kingdom. The castle in Jajce was the fortress of the last Bosnian King. The three largest communities in the Pliva River Region are Sipovo, Jezero, and Jajce. Sipovo is located near the source of the Pliva River, Jezero is located near the Pliva Lakes, and Jajce is located where the Pliva River flows into the Vrbas River. This intersection is the site of a spectacular waterfall that is 28 meters in height.

The Pliva River plays vital environmental and economic development roles in this region of Bosnia. It is the single most important environmental feature of this region because it provides water to sustain human and wildlife populations; it forms a natural transport corridor through the mountains; it offers the best available sites for human settlement; it supports agricultural production; it has hydro-energy resources; and it offers a range of outdoor recreation resources. The Pliva River provides the natural connection between the three towns of Jajce, Jezero, and Sipovo.

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