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Just a few kilometers from Donje Vakuf is Prusac, the largest Muslim gathering site in Europe. Every June thousands of Muslims gather at the holy site at Ajvatovica.

The traditional architecture is almost as beautiful as the green hills that roll on as far as the eye can see. Holy spots always seem to have a special energy and, unlike many other sacred places, Prusac is not yet commercialized. It's a tiny place where people live the way they always have and in June they wait for the thousands of visitors with open arms. There are daily buses from Bugojno and Donji Vakuf to Prusac. There won't be signs in English or even many trail markers but you'll love just wandering around and sipping coffee with the locals.

Legend of Dedo Ajvaz

The legend of Dedo Ajvaz tells of a great drought that threatened the existence of the small mountain community of Prusac. There was barely enough water for the villagers, let alone for the livestock they depended on for their survival. An old grandfather, Dedo Ajvaz, decided to pray for water. It is said that the very fact that he prayed for water and not rain is proof of the power of prayer.

Dedo Ajvaz prayed for 40 days and on the 40th day
a large rock face near the village began to tremble. The powerful trembling continued and soon the massive rock split in half. From the gap created by the split, water began to flow. News of the miracle spread fast and Muslims and Christians alike came to see for themselves the new spring and the large gorge created by the quake. From that spot water continues to flow from beneath the earth and Muslims come here to give thanks.

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