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The Sarajevo region has long been the cultural and political capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a region that offers it all, from the excitement of the oriental capital city Sarajevo to one of the last primeval forests in Europe found in Sutjeska National Park to the east.

The cultural, natural, and historical heritage is certainly amongst the most fascinating in all of the Balkans for it is here that the great eastern and western powers met and left their influences in this largely unknown corner of the world. This region is tucked into one of the most mountainous regions of the country, lending to its isolation yet creating a warm, welcoming feeling in the small communities in and around the capital Sarajevo. Dont miss out on the countless festivals Sarajevo has to offer as well as Olympic style skiing on Jahorina and Bjelasnica Mountains.

The highlands cultures of Bjelasnica are a fascinating peek into Old World Europe and the mountain traditions that have survived throughout the ages. To the northwest of Sarajevo are the settlements of the ancient Bosnian Kingdom, which thrived in towns such as Visoko, Fojnica and Vares in the XIV and XV centuries. To the east are the vast canyon lands of the Upper Drina region with spectacular nature for all sorts of eco-adventures. Highlighted by Sutjeska National Park and whitewater rafting on the Tara River this untouched, pristine wilderness is amongst Europes last oasis of how nature used to be.

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