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The Sekovici Municipality is situated on the river Drinjaca, between the Kladanj, Zvornik and Vlasenica municipalities, 330 meters above sea level. A regional route Caparde Tisca continuing through Zvornik, Tuzla and Sarajevo runs through the municipality. The river Drinjaca, which flows through the Sekovici Municipality (23 km), is ideal for fishing.

2 km from Sekovici, one comes across the Lovnica Monastery with a church dedicated to St. George. Great number of documents has been preserved. Frescos seen even today were painted by Longin, a famous 16th century artist. The oldest script about the monastery dates back to 1578. The monastery is open to visitors who will be greeted by nuns at the ancient door which opens with a bronze key.
The Lovnice Spring is situated in close proximity offering fresh and drinkable water. According to a legend, the monastery was named Lovnica because the area was rich with game and lured Bosnian and Serbian kings to go hunting.

14 km from Sekovici, in the direction of Zvornik is the Papraca Monastery. First written document about this monastery dates back to the 1550, although some evidences point to its existence in the 14th century. This monastery holds the largest monastic church in Bosnia.

Sekovici is also a home to 34 tombstone locations dating back to the period of Bogomiles. The municipality became famous during WWII a place where the rebellion of people from the Northeast Bosnia against the Fascist took place on 2.8.1941. The Monument in Lovnice was built to those anti-Fascists who fought in the Birca area and the Northeast Bosnia.

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