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This area has recently been acknowledged as a protected area. There has been a wonderful grassroots movement from environmental groups, mountain associations, caving clubs and nature lovers from the Zavidovici area that have put a tremendous amount of energy making this beautiful little corner of northern Bosnia a protected one.

The mountains in this area aren't like the towering peaks of the central Dinaric Alps. Nonetheless, the thick conifer forests and endless tracks of hills provide nature lovers with a wide range of nature activities. They are just getting started so expect a few hinges organizational wise but the knowledge and passion that has gone into the eco-tourism development of this area should be an example for the rest of the country. Here is a walk through the many canyons and caves this area hosts. Canyon Macica is one of the most beautiful canyons in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was shaped by water cutting through Triassic limestone with help of tectonic forces.

The water divided the limestone massif into two parts, Masica and Middle Rock Face. The deepest depth is about 350 meters. During big rain falls when the canyon is unable to hold all the water, the beautiful brook of Suvodol is formed. The floor of the canyon in some parts is only three meters wide. Those parts were once even tighter but were widened for the sake of forest exploitation. The canyon floor is full of caves which are ideal for bear hibernation during the winter months. Rock Face Masicka reaches as high as 250 meters on the right banks of canyon Masice. It is an ideal place for free climbing and offers some fun and challenging routes for climbers. At the base of the rock faces are many small caves, fun for leisurely exploration but only in the summer. These caves are often inhabited by bears during the winter. There are over a hundred caves and pits in the region beside the peaks of Tajan Mountain. The Middle Rock Cave is situated close to Lukina Cave and it was found in May 2004. This is a cave with lot of large caverns and domed rooms with beautiful cave decorations.

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