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This bridge was built in the XVIth century. An inscription close to the bridge seems to attribute it to Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic. According to a local legend however the bridge was built by a shepherd boy named Mehmed.

One day he and his brother Sinan, while tending their goats, found a treasure in a cave near Jarcedol, a place overlooking the present location of the bridge. They split the treasure equally. From his money Mehmed built this bridge and Sinan built a mosque in Bistrik that became popularly known Kecedzija mosque (Kec is a Turkish word for goat). True or not, the bridge opened an important trading route to Sandzak, Macedonia and Istanbul and was frequented until the XIXth century. This was also the traditional spot for commencing pilgrimages leaving for the Hajj and was a meeting point of dignitaries coming to Sarajevo from the east.

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