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Information can be obtained in Tourist Information Centre in centre of Banja Luka, Bana Lazarevica street.

Phone: +387 51 349 910
Fax: + 387 51 349 911
e-mail: tobl@teol.net
web site: www.banjaluka-tourism.com

There is also the Una Sana Canton Tourism Association, located in Bihac, Dr. Irfana Ljubjankica st., no. 13. The Association covers with information the whole territory of the Una Sana Canton. The staff speaks English.
tel/fax: 037 222 777;
web: www.tzusk.net.

Pliva region is on the area of municipalities Sipovo, Jajce and Jezero. Upon entering Jajce you'll find the Tourism Information Centre Pliva Eco tourism, where information on regional eco tourism can be obtained.

Next to the Info Centre there are two Eco houses where you can buy healthy food and traditional handicrafts.

Info centre Pliva Eco Tourism
phone: + 387 30 654 100
fax: +387 30 654 099
e-mail: info@plivatourism.ba
web site: www.plivatourism.ba

These are all information centre in different locations that you can obtain info on Northwest region.

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