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Travel agencies

Bisstours Zenica
   Student excursions through B&H :: Vlasic : N/A
   A tour through B&H :: Through BiH : N/A

Fortuna travel
   Ski packages :: Bjelasnica : N/A
   Ski packages :: Mountain Jahorina : N/A

Sport clubs

Extreme sports club Scorpio
   Saturday 21 July- Canyoning :: Rakitnica : 150 KM
   :: : N/A

Mountaineering club Zeljezara
   Mountain lodge accommodation -per person :: Mountain Ravan : 10 KM
   Mountain tours ( as agreed ) :: Mountain Ravan : N/A

Mountaineering club Bobovac
   Camping -Visitor equipment :: Mountain Bocica : 2 KM
   Mountain lodge accommodation -per person :: Mountain Bocica : 10 KM

Hunting club Zmajevac
   Wild boar hunting - entry license :: Hunting area "Jelina" : 10 KM
   Fox hunting-entry license :: Hunting area " Vepar" : 10 KM

Fishing club Bistro-Zenica
   Trout fishing in winter -daily license :: River Lasva : 10 KM
   Sheatfish fishing in winter-daily license :: River Bosna : 10 KM

Fishing club Bistro-Kakanj
   Trout fishing-daily license :: River Zgosca : 20 KM
   Trout fishing-daily license :: River Bukovica : 20 KM

Biking club PRO-BIKE
   :: Smetovi, on the hills above Zenica : N/A
   :: Ponijeri : N/A

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