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Travel agencies

   Winter holiday on Vlasic :: Vlasic : N/A
   Travnik visits :: Travnik : N/A

Eni team building
   Travnik visits :: Travnik : N/A
   Rafting on Vrbas River ( including boats, equipment, guides ) :: River Vrbas : N/A

Travel Agency VTA
   :: : N/A
   :: : N/A

Bosnian Tour Operator
   :: : N/A
   :: : N/A

Sport clubs

Paragliding Club Travnik
   Paragliding school :: Travnik : 200 KM
   Paragliding :: Travnik : 100 KM

Hunting club Vitez
   Winter offer:wild boar hunting-entry license :: Hunting area Vitez : 10 KM
   Summer offer:deer hunting-entry license :: Hunting area Vitez : 10 KM

Mountaineering club Zabrdje
   Mountain lodge accommodation -per person :: Mountain Kruscica : 10 KM
   Mountain tours ( as agreed ) :: Mountain Kruscica : N/A

Mountaineering club Vlasic
   Guiding services for mountain tours :: Vlasic : N/A
   Mountain lodge accommodation -per person :: Vlasic : N/A

Paint ball club ENI
   :: Alagovac lake : N/A
   :: Alagovac lake : N/A

Snowboard club Underboard
   :: Alagovac lake : N/A
   :: Alagovac lake : N/A

Fishing club Travnik
   Californian and brook trout fishing-daily license :: River Lasva : 10 KM
   Brook trout - flyfishing :: River Ugar : 10 KM

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