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This tiny mining town is situated some 50 kilometers north from Sarajevo lives around 10000 people. The town is rich with archeological findings from different epochs on several surrounding locations are found remains of prehistorical period, such as copper artifacts in Brgula.

Artifacts from Vares can be viewed at the Kraljeva Sutjeska Monastery Museum, which is 30 kilometers away from the town. The early Middle age also left its stamp - it is the Christian Basilica in Dabravina and remains of old Illyrian city on surrounding mountain Zvijezda. In the center of the town there stand, almost next to each other, a mosque, one catholic and another orthodox church. Nearby is also the oldest church in Bosnia and Herzegovina from XVI century, known as The Little church.

In the town center itself, there is an old stone bridge that resembles to the majority of one arched bridges from Ottoman period. This bridge is considered to be similar by the building method to the Old bridge in Mostar.

If you are a nature lover
, you will not be disappointed with Vares. The region is abundant with different relief forms, suitable for hiking, with fascinating landscapes. Walking through these sites you will meet colorful valleys with surrounding mountains of Zvijezda, Perun, Ravan planina and Greben, overgrown with dense, century old juniper, fig and beech forest.

Zvijezda Mountain is a real botanical garden
where one can find a natural rarity of moorland called Jilda, with endemic and medicinal herb yellow gentianella. In the greenery of this beautiful mountain, circled with dense conifer forest, is situated a tourist resort Doli, where guests can use bungalows and taste delicious homemade meals.

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