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With the right papers, entering Bosnia and Herzegovina is easy. Procedures at both the borders and the airport are standardized and uncomplicated. During the high season queues at the border can be a bit long.

Bosnia and Herzegovina can only be entered with a valid passport. EU, American and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the country. Most other people do need a visa, and getting one is possible through the Bosnian embassies in your respective countries. Fees for visas issued by diplomatic/consular offices:

Single entry-exit visas and transit visas 31.00 EUR
Multiple entry-exit visas for periods up to 90 days 57.00 EUR
Multiple entry-exit visa for periods over 90 days 72.00 EUR

Officially, people who enter the country on a visa need to register themselves with the police within 24 hours after their arrival in the country. If you enter Bosnia and Herzegovina by car, you will have to buy vehicle insurance at the border if your country's insurance policy does not cover BiH. It is better to check before departing. It is an uncomplicated and fairly inexpensive affair. You do not need this insurance if you have a green card that covers Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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