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The Museum Semberija (Karaoreva 2; 055 201 293) in Bijeljina has an interesting collection of archaeological finds from the area, including many ancient farming tools used to till the land from the earliest of times.

If you're in town, check out the Tavna Orthodox Monastery from the 15th century, in the middle of town. It's quite tiny, as most Orthodox monasteries are, but the interior is very detailed and beautiful.

Bjeljina also has a nice caf culture. In the square in the center of town there are several caf's usually teeming with the young and old. When asked what to do in Bijeljina, most local folks, however, would say one of two things. Go to the swimming and fishing areas in the vicinity of the Drina River. The Amajlija recreation area near the Drina has a good traditional restaurant with a great outdoor terrace.

The second suggestion would be the Ethno Village (Etno - Selo). This is perhaps the finest ethno village constructed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Using traditional architectural styles the village is an ideal spot for a fun family outing. There is an excellent traditional restaurant on the premises as well as lovely walking trails around the complex and lakes. The wood constructed objects are an interesting peek into BiH's past. There is also a hayride with horses for the children and a fascinating Orthodox church replica within the village. This family run village is a great outing for all.

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