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Vlasic Mountain is the second-highest mountain in central Bosnia. Its highest peak, Paljenik (1,943m), is not like the steep and sometimes treacherous peaks of the Dinaric chain in Herzegovina.

Vlasis is known for its mild and easily accessible highlands. The road infrastructure is excellent and most places can be reached by jeep. The mountain is often used as a shortcut from Travnik to Banja Luka.

Skiers and Snowboarders have found a new playground and many clubs set up camp all winter to board. There is also a snowboarding club. Ski and board rental is possible at the Babanovac Ski Centre.

Except for sking, the dense pine forests and soft, rolling hills on the high plateau are perfect walking, biking and hiking terrain. It is strongly advised to make use of of the offer of local guides and activity organizers for these activities.

Don't leave Vlasic without buying some Vlasicki sir (cheese)
. Foreign markets have just got wind of this heavenly, white, salty cheese and the organic and traditional way of preparing it only adds to your appreciation of this local delicacy. The road that passes by Vlasic, from Donji Vakuf to Travnik, is lined with dozens of shops selling it.

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