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The legend behind the river's name goes back to Roman times when a legionnaire had his first glance of the sparkling waters and uttered 'Una, solo una' (the only one), suggesting he had never seen anything like it in his life. You might feel the same.

Rafting on the Una
is becoming a national pastime. The annual international Una Regatta has increased so much in popularity that places in the three-day competition are booked months in advance. It's a fabulous experience and more than worth a stop.

There are at least four different raft runs on the Una River, from two hours of easy rafting to six hours of up to class VI rapids. The most attractive, interesting and exciting part of the river is the Strbacki Buk-Lahovo run. This 15km route is a class IV-V run that conquers waterfalls you've only seen in films.

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