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A blue cross marks the bare mountain, now called Apparition Hill, where the children first saw Mother Mary. A well-worn footpath on Cross Mountain, lined with Stations of the Cross, has been trekked by visitors from every corner of the globe.

Many make the trek barefoot. The large cross planted on top of the hill is said to have been built to celebrate the 1,900th anniversary of the death of Christ but it is more likely that it was built in 1934 to keep away the plague that had devastated several areas in the region. The main church, St. James, is in the middle of town. Whether or not there is a mass service, the square around the church is bound to have people sitting, praying and contemplating.

Just up the road is the even smaller village of Bijakovici. Despite the massive influx of tourists and pilgrims it has managed to maintain much of its original old Herzegovina style. The tradition of winemaking goes back much further than the apparition. Wine from wineries in the Herzegovina region has won numerous international awards. Tours of the cellars are possible. Citluk is known for its good quality Zilavka and Blatina grapes. The road leading to Citluk is lined on both sides with rolling hills of vineyards. The winery near Blizanci is unique because this oasis was made out of a limestone area. The winery was established in the 1980s. For more information visit: www.vinskacesta.ba. Aside from its winemaking tradition, Citluk has always been an ideal place for growing tobacco. If you have a car, take any of the small side roads through the countryside. Seeing the tobacco drying in front of traditional homes and the local villagers working the vineyards is a truly authentic glimpse into the past.

On the Medjugorje-Ljubuski road there is the Herceg Ethno Village. This authentic village is great for relaxation and has a great restaurant. There is also a museum, souvenir shop, summer theatre stage, barn with animals, and many other interesting activities. Herzegovina Cultural Summer Festival is held here.

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