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The best way to see these birds is to rent a boat, and the best period is in the morning or early afternoon during Autumn or Spring. 

A 40 minute 'barcos' ride costs 60KM (for up to ten persons) or 100KM (for ten to 22 persons). A 1,5-hour tour costs 120 KM for groups up to ten persons, and 150KM for groups of ten to 22 persons. You can take a professional guide for an additional 50KM or an introduction tour for 30 KM. Tours are available by appointment only (need to book day in advance).

The park also has a bicycle trail. There are 10 bicycles available for renting at the price of 5 KM per hour and every additional hour is charged 1 KM. The day rental costs 10 KM per person. You can also rent a 4-seat canoe, for a 2-hour rental the price is 10 KM per person, and for a day-rental the price is 20 KM per person.

For the purposes of the World Fishing Championship held at Hutovo blato in 2007, a 2.5 km fishing trail was built inside the park. The trail is now available for fishermen. Along the trail there are several BBQs spots. A daily fishing license costs 10 KM per person. An annual license costs 100 KM. A BBQ spot license costs 10 KM per one spot. For these licenses please refer to the Administration Office of the Park (working hours: Mon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.). For children there is a short educational walk that starts from the motel.

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