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Cultural Centre and the National Library are central venues to most events in Vlasenica. In addition to numerous theatre plays, exhibitions, folklore dance festivals and literary encounters, Vlasenica is also an adventure-lovers heaven.

The Mountain-Eco Association Acer is one of the most important sports associations in Vlasenica numbering over 200 members. The Association installed signs for 140 km of mountain paths connecting natural and historical sites of Veledin, Vrelo, Lovnica, Rudista, Veliko Igriste, Javorov vrh, Ruzina voda, Sikira, Karaula, Jerinin grad, Lukavica and other sites.

Winter & Sports Resort Igrista (1019 m) nests on the Javor Mountain, 7 km from Vlasenica. A ski lift and 10 km of slopes for skiers altitude from 1350 m is fantastic for all levels. As a part of the resort, 14 km from Vlasenica, there is a ski resort for beginners in the location of Javorova poljana (1250 m). This ski resort has two ski lifts and rental equipment service.

Mountain & Hunting Area Birac is a popular spot which has a reputation for good hunting and wildlife viewing. Good deer, boar, bear, wolf, rabbit, mallard and wild goose is available on this 21.5 ha site.

Adventures will not want to miss a traditional International Hill-Car-Race in July and mountain hiking tours in January and July. For fishermen, mountain rivers are inevitable spot. For more information on fishing you can contact Lipljen Fishing Association (www.lipljen.com).

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