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Franciscan Monastery and the Church in Tolisa hold wealthy numismatic collection and other museum artifacts worth seeing. Odzak region also bares traces of an aqueduct dating back to the Roman period. Visitors should also taste Sava’s carp fish during the visit.

There are several festivals in Posavina region which should not be missed:
The Days of Croatian Film take place in Orasje in September and features the latest Croatian film showings.

“Posavsko kolo”, “Domaljevacka tkanica” and “Dani Tolise” are some of the other important festivals which have grown to be international cultural and sport events which feature bicycle race, Sava boating, dog race, book promotion, exhibitions, fashion shows, volleyball tournaments and many other sports and cultural activities.

Moto susreti is a May event which attracts over a thousand motor bike riders in Orasje during a three-day encounter with races, different entertainment activities and rock music concerts.
Musini dani is a cultural event dedicated to Musa Cazim Catic, famous B&H poet. The event takes place in March and includes literary evenings, art exhibitions, theatrical plays and traditional song concerts (sevdah – parlor songs).
International regatta “IST Zagreb – Orasje” is a kayak, canoe or motorboat ride. Starting ride location is Zagreb, and the ride ends in Orasje. This 14-day event takes place in July.

The Posavina region is also famous as a good hunting spot for roe-deer, boar, common hare, pheasant, mallard and wild goose. Fishermen want stay empty handed either with plenty of carp, pike, pike-perch, bream, tench, sterlet, barbel, crucian carp and other fish species.
Importance and potential of the Posavina region as a hunting and fishing area is emphasized and encompassed in the project “Posavina – Fishing and Hunting Paradise” which aims at reviving the area by connecting 9 hunting and fishing spots respectively into an integrated tourist product offering unique and all-inclusive service: accommodation, tours, transportation, related activities, sports and cultural events in addition to the major offer, hunting and fishing.

Memorial room - Museum of Detainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lucka bb, Port Brcko
Tel: +387 33 210 301
web: www.logorasibih.ba
Visiting hours: Open by appointment

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