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Nevesinje is surrounded by wide river valleys and high mountains that offer a diversity of quality outdoor recreation activities and attractions.

You can find more on these possibilities through the offer of local organisations under "Tours activities and other services".

The village of Podvelezje provides access to a remarkable collection of high mountain recreation experiences and spectacular vistas.

Among the rich tourist destinations of Herzegovina this is one of the least-known gems. The Podvelezje plateau rests between the towering peaks of Velez Mountain and the city of Mostar. For centuries it has been home to highland shepherds and a traditional way of life. The landscape is harsh arid karst dotted with small forests of beech and oak trees. Podveleje has even more sunny days than Mostar.

Situated 700m above sea level it is a pleasant escape during the hot summer nights and an ideal place for walking, mountain biking, medicinal herb picking and challenging treks to Vele's highest peak at 1,980m. Here one can witness many of the old methods of traditional life including sheep shearing, milk, cheese and butter production, honey-making, meat drying and wool sewing. Some of these can be seen in the Eco Farm which is open to visitors. There are miles of asphalted roads across the plateau with almost no traffic. 6km off the main road to Nevesinje from Mostar, marked with signs starting from the turnoff to Blagaj on the M-17, is the small village of Smajkici and the eco-motel Sunce. Local buses (number 16) run from the main bus station in Mostar six times per day.

It nests in a mountain valley east of the Velez Mountain. Steep forest paths lead towards a town of Nevesinje, 40 km from Mostar. It is quite isolated hence helping the population of Nevesinje preserve many old customs.
The medieval tombstone necropolis at the foot of the Crvanj Mt. in Krekovi, Ovciji brod Bridge across the Zalomka River, sahat kula (Clock Tower) and the Old Town Vjencac are some of the remains of the past times.

Alagovac Lake
is an artificial lake, 4 km north of Nevesinje. The lake is a water supply reservoir, but it is also ideal for sports and fishing. Fishing Club Zalomka is in charge of providing fishing licenses. The fishing season is open from March to October.

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