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At the northern entrance to the city, 3 km west of Stolac, is the country's oldest necropolis, Radimlja.

There are 133 medieval tombstones marked with the unique carvings of 13-15th-century Slavic worshippers of the Bosnian Church.
They fascinated the famous poet Mak Dizdar. Over the stones, smoke drifts once more on the wind. Under the stones, the chosen sleep. But the day they shall wake is at hand. The necropolis is open to visitors free of charge and next to it is a Tourist Information Point.
West of Stolac one can visit Badanj Cave with findings from the Palaeolithic Age. It is located near the village of Borojevic and the Bregava River. The findings date back between 13 and 12 thousand years BC. Inside the cave is a very interesting horse wall drawing. The cave is easily accessible as the path is well-marked. 


Not far from Stolac is the oldest remaining human settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Daorsi tribe is said to have lived in these parts over 4,000 years ago. Remnants of Hellenistic art and design have suggested that at least some elements of the Hellenistic civilization reached this far north. Near the small village of Osanici is the 'Herzegovina Stonehenge' whose massive cyclopean walls are hidden in the thorny brush above Stolac and the Bregava. It may be difficult to find but it's a worthwhile adventure to admire the ingenuity in creating a structure of this magnitude four millennia ago! The Church of St Peter and Paul from the year 1500 managed to escape the systematic destruction of sacred buildings in and around Stolac, and remains intact and worth a visit.

In the nearby village of Domanovici, as well as in Stolac, wines Zilavka, Blatina, Vranac and Merlot are all produced from the harvests of the local vineyards. Domanovic vineyard also produces a unique Zilavka sparkling wine. The vineyard also has the largest wine barrel in Bosnia and Herzegovina (16.230 litres). More information about vineyards can be found at www.vinskacesta.ba.

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