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The oldest museum in the country, established in 1884, is at the Humac Franciscan Monastery (built in 1869) just outside the town of Ljubuki. The Humac Museum hosts one of the finest collections of ancient relics, all found in the vicinity of the monastery.

The oldest script ever found in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Humacka ploca, is exhibited here. This stone-carved slate written in Glagolithic is said to date back to the 10th century. The museum has a significant collection of relics from the Roman settlements including jewellery, weapons, helmets and hand carved tombstones. Many of the excavated items come from the ruins of a Roman military camp, Bigeste, near the monastery.

This quaint museum is an interesting stop. The village of Vitina is a bit off the beaten path to the north of Ljubuski. There is a great traditional restaurant at the source of the River Vriostice and sitting there is a good way to beat the summer heat. Kocusa Waterfall, a mini version of Kravica in Veljaci, is situated just a few minutes outside of Vitina.


The gem of this region
is the crystal-clear water of the Trebizat River. Southeast of Ljubuski are the Kravica Waterfalls. Stretching over 120m across and tumbling down 25m, Kravica is one of the largest waterfalls in Herzegovina and certainly the most impressive one. The waterfalls have a natural pool dug out at the base of the falls by the constant rush of water. It is a favorite local swimming hole with picnic area, caf and even a place to pitch a tent if you like. The best time of year for visiting is springtime when the waterfall is at its fullest and the arid landscape turns a bright green.

The area is famous for delicious figs, grapes, high quality tobacco and cheese.
Ljubuski winery is the oldest winery in Bosnia and Herzegovina (established in 1882) and has some of the finest sorts of Zilavka, Blatina, Merlot, Sauvignon and Zweigelt. More information about wineries in Herzegovina are available at www.vinskacesta.ba.

Crkva uznesenja blazene djevice Marije (Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) in Siroki Brijeg was built in the late-Romance style. The Monastery also hosts a gallery with over 1,500 art works. In the village of Mokro, Siroki Brijeg, you will find remains of the 5th century basilica, and 2.5 km from Mokro there is a necropolis with medieval tombstones. One of the first references to this area was in the 10th century (records of the Emperor Porphyrogenitos). The Kocerinska ploca, a stone-carved slate dating back to 1404 is found in the village of Kocerin. The slate is an epitaph to Viganj Milosevic written in Bosnian Cyrillic Script (Bosancica). In a beautiful natural surrounding of the Borak valley there are several sources forming the Listica River. According to a legend, Illyrian Queen Teuta was so impressed by the beauty of the region, she ordered her summer residence to be built here.

The Old Church of St. Stephen the Martyr (Stara crkva sv. Stjepana Prvomucenika in Gorica), near Grude, was built in 1856. This is the oldest operating church in west Herzegovina. Surrounding area bears traces of 3rd and 9th century church foundations. Franciscan Archaeological Collection has artefacts from prehistoric period until the 19th century. The source of the Tihaljina River, in the village of Pec, Milin (Drinovci, near Grude) forms the shape of a horseshoe. Looking above you will see the Ravlica Cave (Kostresova Cave) where findings of human life from the Neolithic Age were found. The cave is 95 meters long.

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