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The pure, spring-fed waters in the rivers and lakes of the Pliva River Region have provided superb fishing opportunities for decades. The Pliva River has a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe's best fly fishing rivers.

The middle and lower segments of the Pliva and the other four large rivers in the region provide excellent fishing opportunities for all types of anglers. Enormous fish have been caught in the Pliva Lakes both from the shore and from boats. All of these quality waters are easily accessible from a paved road system that parallels the rivers and lakes. The rivers and lakes in the Pliva River Region have a diversity of large and healthy fish species that may be caught by the sports angler. Passive to very active fishing techniques may be employed in this region. The sports angler may pursue streamside fishing by either spin casting or fly fishing or considerably more leisurely boat fishing in the lakes.
More on fishing ground can be found here

Kayaking and boating

The Great Pliva Lake was created by impounding the Pliva River near Jajce in order to generate hydro-electrical power. The lake is 3,800 meters long and extends from Jajce to the town of Jezero. The lake is 500 meters wide and has an average depth of 33
meters. The deepest location in the lake is 100 meters. The waters of the lake are generally calm, but high winds occasionally do occur. The Great Pliva Lake never freezes and kayaking and boating take place all year round. The Pliva Lakes' attraction for kayaking and canoeing is that the water is "Heavy. This means that there is a naturally occurring additional atom of hydrogen that provides extra stability to the water. This unique condition results in the water being very flat and stable and this provides the perfect venue for kayak and canoe competitions. People kayak and canoe along the entire 29.5 km length of the Pliva River. Those who like roughing it will enjoy the whitewater runs on the upper reaches of the river, from its source to the Pliva Lakes. For competition-minded people, the real highlight is the Great Pliva Lake. This lake is the site of all sorts of competitions, from local schools competitions to the World Kayak Competition, and 200, 500 and 1,000 meter tracks are permanently marked with buoys. Each year, state and international kayak competitions are held in July and August.
You can rent two and four seat kayaks. Both come with personal flotation devices, addles, spray skirts, drip rings, float bags, and helmets. Alternatively, you can rent canoes or peddle boats. They, too, come with safety equipment and instructions. Small sailing boats are allowed to sail on the lake as well. Only motor boats are forbidden, in order to avoid water pollution. You can rent your equipment for a day or a half day. Once you're done, you might be lucky enough to enjoy a concert on the beach of the small Pliva Lake. A concert schedule is available at the Kayak Club.
The Pliva (eco) tourism organization has more information: www.plivatourism.ba/index_eng.html

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