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Museum of Visoko (Zavicajni muzej), founded in 1953, has several thematic exhibitions. The one which catches special attention is the display of local traditional crafts.

address: Alije Izetbegovica 29
phone: + 387 32 736 267
e-mail: muzejvisoko@bih.net.ba
web: www.zavicajnimuzej.com

Visoko has been one of major archaelogical sites for several years now. Explorer Semir Osmanagic is convinced he has found Europe's first pyramids which he says are a new world wonder dating back to ancient times. These findings might change the whole history of the Europe as there are no pyramids found until now in Europe.

Teams are still excavating and doing restoration at Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, in Visoko near Sarajevo. The pyramid has all the elements: four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex. A paved entrance plateau was found and underground tunnels are discovered. More on Bosnian pyramids on www.piramidasunca.ba.

During the rule of the Bosnian Kingdom, Visoko valley was a very important trade, cultural and educational centre of the Bosnian Church. Old Town Cajengrad is a medieval fortress which served to defend Bobovac from enemies and today represents an archaeological site. The fortress was discovered by accident when a few locals found a stone structure with windows during a rock climb. Mile, which is believed to be one of the residences of Bosnian kings, is located 5 km from the citys centre. Findings so far show that Stjepan II Kotromanic and Tvrtko Kotromanic resided there. This is also the place where Tvrtko was crowned and buried at the Church of St. Nicholas. Mile is also known for the trade agreement between Bosnia and the Republic of Ragusa (Republic of Dubrovnik) signed in 1189 under the Charter of Kulin Ban, the oldest preserved Bosnian document written in bosancica (Cyrillic).

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