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The family house Gradascevic was built in 1786 and today is a private museum. The town is recognisable by the tower of Husein-kapetan Gradascevic that was built in 1821. This large complex was damaged in the last war but has been renovated in its original form.

The old part of town has a cultural centre, museum, gallery and library, all named after him. Underneath the city gate there is the Mosque of Husein which was built in 1826 and is characterised by its high and narrow minarets. In this same period the Sahat clock tower (22m high) was built. The town has in general very much preserved its oriental character.

Banja Ilidza is a rehabilitative centre for heart disease and rheumatism (phone: + 387 35 852 300; web: www.banjagradacac.com).

This region is also characterised by its artificial lakes, Hazna and Vidara. As in Tuzla, there are beaches and organised water sports and fishing, as well as a recreational field. The Hunting Centre of Gradacac organises duck, rabbit, and pheasant hunts on 37,000 hectares of land. Every year in Gradacac there is an international plum fair and a literature fair, both very small and local, making it that much more enticing.

Only 10 km from Modrica, in a tiny village of Misici, you can visit an orchard with apples, pears and plums and the Monogram Tasting Cellar which produces high quality rakia and liqueur. For organized groups it is possible to arrange tour with tasting and lunch. Contact 00 387 66 242 232, 00 387 53 813 763 or email office@igmintravel.com.

Tasting your favorite Monogram brandy stored in sessile oak barrels forget about the time and justify your arrival in the north-eastern region of our country!

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