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The upper flow of Gostovic River has all the conditions for fly-fishing. For caving, the region of Nature Park 'Tajan' has over 100 speleological objects that can be explored.

Alpine climbing in the park offers a lot of possibilities for climbing fans. The routes are easy and fun for climbers of all ages. The rock faces of Duboke Tajasnice, Suhe, Rujnice, Ljevickog stone, Masice, Middle Rock are all doable but the small climbing community there has only developed two routes: Ljevicki stone (45 m) and Rock face in Rujnice (15m). Pioneers can set the stage on the other more difficult routes. Mountain biking in Tajan park is excellent. Due largely to forestry roads a large system of bike trails has been developed. Every year in May the hiking association organizes a mountain biking competition.

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