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This town on the west bank of the Neretva River was once the home of what is thought to be the largest Roman military camp in the region.

Mogorjelo was built in the late 3rd century and represents one of the most beautiful examples of the late antique architecture in the area. Hugged by greenery, Villa Rustica has a summer theatre stage and a Villa Rustica restaurant with some great fish specialties.
Next to it you will find Horse Club Vranac. The club is located near the Neretva River and has over 20 horses. It is open daily for visits or horse-riding. An hour ride costs 20 KM for adults, 5 KM for children.

The ancient settlement of Gabela was a very important trade center during the period between 15th and 18th century and is believed to have been a significant settlement long before that. There is an interesting theory of Robert Salinas Price who while studying Iliad and Odyssey developed a theory that the Troy War took place in the Valley of the Neretva River and that the Old Town of Gabela is Ilios the capital city of the State of Troy.

Canoe safari on the Trebizat River starts at Bizjak, near Studenac (30 km from Mostar). The safari is a 10km, five-hour journey down the Trebizat River southeast of the Kravica Waterfalls. The club will provide all the necessary equipment and lunch. More information available at Canoe Club M by phone:
+ 387 63 323 515 or web: www.canoe-m.ba.

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