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The last few years has seen many new objects built in Banja Luka to accommodate the increase in tourists. Most hotels and/or pansions are smaller and have a more intimate feel to them.

Pansions usually range from 15-50 euros per night. Hotels generally run from 35 70 euros per night with breakfast included. Most places include sat tv, AC, and mini-bar.

Many of the older hotels from the socialist era have been renovated and often offer high quality accommodation or on the other hand a cheaper alternative to the more costly modern facilities. The smaller pansions or B&Bs have a nice family touch to them. One can often have nice experiences with the family themselves, drinking coffee or wine on the terrace with them. Local B&B owners are usually quite friendly and will go out of their way to help you on your trip.

Accommodation in Banja Luka tends to be more widespread, so please do check the location when making your bookings. Some excellent accommodation is available along the Vrbas River but are often up to 10 kilometres out of town.

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