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The Posavina region literally means along the Sava. The Sava River is BiH’s largest navigable river that belongs to the Black Sea basin. If driving, many guests to Bosnia and Herzegovina will travel through this area when crossing from Croatia. East Posavina encompasses the region near the towns of Odzak and Orasje and extends to the port town of Brcko District.


Brcko's significance is its location on the Sava River
which is a tributary to the Danube and belongs to the Black Sea basin. For industrial towns like Tuzla and Zenica, Brcko is vital for moving goods in and out of the country via rail and boat. You can cross into Croatia from this point as well but it is more practical to cross further west if you are heading towards Zagreb, Belgrade or Budapest.

Brcko got world famous in the region for its "Arizona Market".
This market started at a roadblock created by SFOR to control the North-South regional road (Route Arizona). It soon became an interethnic meeting place for the exchange of goods and grew over the next ten years to a bustling, but rough, market of some 2000 self-constructed retail establishments on 300 acres and stretching over almost a kilometer. A clampdown on illegal trade and other crime together with an investment and infrastructure development project have made Arizona Market into a safe but still very popular shopping area.

Odzak and Orasje

Besides being border towns this rich agricultural area is interesting for many reasons. Life here largely revolves around the fertile fields along the Sava River and the river itself. Vast fields of corn, wheat and other staple products are a large source of food for both BiH and Croatia. The Sava River, though, is an interesting waterway. Aside from it being a major navigation alley to the Danube there are dozens of hidden spots for canoeing and high quality fishing. There are many fishing associations in the region that can organize competitions and outings.

Posavina is also well known for its reed weaving. The strong reeds that grow along Sava and its tributaries have been used for centuries as hard material for weaving beautiful baskets, chairs, and even coffee tables. Be sure to visit a handicraft shop if you’re in the area, they are affordable, high quality, practical gifts.

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